Welcome to McCune Solar Works:
A global resource for sustainable energy solutions.

Our mission is to operate within a framework of social and environmental responsibility to develop and manufacture new products, building designs, materials and methods for affordable, low maintenance energy efficient, high quality solutions for distribution worldwide. We will maintain a design ethic consistent with our planet and the world around us, respectfully coexistent with the forces of nature.

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Our Cornerstones


Cutting edge innovation & implementation


Dedicated to protecting first responders & clients alike


Solutions for the present to ensure a brighter future


Business methodology built with integrity & reliablity


A new safety standard for functionality, methods and materials.

  • Solar PV

    Class A Fire Rated 30 yr. PV Module

  • Safety

    Rapid Shutdown exceeding code requirements

  • Energy Storage

    Long life, limited hazmat materials

  • Methodology

    Methods/Materials extended life of systems

  • Aggregate Reliability

    Compatibility of methods and materials

  • Mitigation of Hazards

    Utilities, natural disasters, first responders


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