First Responders

We call them Heroes, yet we don't give them the support and safety they deserve. They run into danger when all others run out.

The Problem

Obstructions, Gas, Electrical Hazard & myriad more
Solar PV, Batteries, Generators, Utility Grid Power, Gas, all present a potential danger to firefighters and first responders.

  • Firefighters arrive on scene:
  • Call utility to drop the power – Wait for 45 minutes to 1 ½ Hours – while the fire burns.
  • Solar PV on the roof – cannot vent the roof or stream water on the roof without risk of electrocution hazard.
  • Need to shut off gas service may not be accessible or known location. May be numerous valves to shut off.
  • Shut off the solar PV (still live) but, then a generator or battery goes active and location is unknown, shutdown problem.

The SceneSafe® Solution

  • One Button, One Command, all off in 2 Seconds with visual and audible status indicators.

  • Remote access emergency shut-off for firefighters & first responders .

  • Our patented SceneSafe® rapid shutdown devices are now being tested, improved and finalized for pilot projects.

How you can help

Contribute now to help keep first responders safe

With your help we can ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of firefighters and first responders around the country. We're ramping up a factory for these life saving devices. We will donate a portion of all net profits to fallen and injured first responders/families and Firefighter/EMS organizations.


Firefighter Scene Safety


We invite contact with any Firefighter/EMS person or organization to discuss our initiatives for our first responder community. It was input from 100’s of first responders that helped us develop these SceneSafe® systems. Ongoing input from Firefighters/EMS is welcome and invited. We learn something every time we talk with Firefighters/EMS .

Firefighter/EMS Contact Form

Using the form below, anyone may submit a Local, State or National Firefighter/EMS organization or a fallen/injured Firefighter/EMS family for our support as we bring these SceneSafe® devices to market.


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